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Industries we serve

Thermal Spray SS Coating

Metatech Thermal Spray Pvt. Ltd. provides SS coating over different component for resistance against chemical and erosion.

Rewinder roll coating

We provide High Quality Tungsten Carbide Coating over Rewinder Rolls. We provide coating with appropriate roughness which helps the roll to grip paper.

Dryer Cylinder Coating and Grinding

We provide SS, High Chrome Steel over Dryer Cylinder. Dryer Cylinder goes through surface erosion due to moisture and abrasion. For this problem Coating is best possible solution.

Copper Spray Coating

Copper alloy coatings are used for machine element work, salvage, repair and restoration of copper based substrates.

Molybdenum Coating

Molybdenum coatings produce hard, lubricious surfaces that are resistant to abrasion, galling and scuffing and exhibit a very low coefficient of friction.